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Thursday, 09 July 2015 07:03

Atardecer en Playa Maroma, Q.Roo

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The capsule collection I did with US based company Swimsuits For All came about through a conversation I had with the company whilst on a modelling shoot for them in the Caribbean. We identified that I had a really important message of ocean conservation to spread and incorporating that into a swimsuit line, something that people wear while at the beach seemed like a no-brainer! I really wanted people to understand that waste plastic in our oceans is a huge problem, every year millions of marine animals die due to plastic ingestion and entanglement and it is starting to affect humans as well, entering our food chain. Swimsuits are technically made out of plastic, and plastic out of oil. So what better way to highlight the problem and reduce the footprint of the swimsuit then to make the swimsuits out of recycled PET water bottles. The quality, texture and reliability of the fabric is exactly the same if it were made from virgin materials, so its a win win! We further refined the waste by shipping all the garments in recycled paper bags instead of the typical plastic bags and the designs of the swimsuits as inspired by Australia’s amazingly beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Kicking marine debris butt one swimsuit at a time!

Thursday, 09 July 2015 06:16

Acapulco sunset

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